What We Do

At Surfers Paradise Anglican Church

Modern Anglican Church Services held in Surfer Paradise Anglican Church

Church Services

There are five weekly services at Surfers Anglican.

Wednesday – 10 am – abridged Holy Communion service (30 minutes) – 73 Salerno Street – followed by morning tea.

Sunday – 7.30 am – prayer book Holy Communion Service – 73 Salerno Street – followed by morning tea

Sunday 9.30 am – Prayer and Praise service with Holy Communion – 73 Salerno Street – followed by morning tea



outlink of two hands praying becaues Surfers Paradise Anglican Church holds a number of pray groups each week

Prayer Groups

Individual and corporate prayer is foundational to who we want to be as God's church in Surfers Paradise.

We encourage individual prayer by producing monthly prayer notes (collected from our mission partners and ministry leaders).

We encourage corporate prayer for mission by meeting monthly at 10 am on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 73 Salerno Street.

We encourage corporate prayer for our church by meeting each weekday at 8:30am at 73 Salerno Street.

outlink of two hands praying becaues Surfers Paradise Anglican Church holds many bible study events

Bible Study

We get to know more about God and more about our faith by reading and discussing the Bible (God's Word).

Small group Bible Studies remain the most effective way of helping us grow in our knowledge of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Not everyone is a member of a small group Bible Study but we do not shy away from speaking regularly about the benefits of such membership.

We have around 10 groups meeting at various times on various days - and if one of them doesn't suit we might just start a new group at a time which suits you!!  Please 'Contact Us' for more information.

Cross at a funeral, because Surfers Anglican are able to help with funerals


The death of a friend or family member is a time in life that you will never 'get over'.  There will be a hole in your life that will never be filled.  Over time you will learn to live with that 'hole' but it is always there.

Under the guidance and direction of your Funeral Director we are always honoured to lead a funeral service or service of thanksgiving for your loved one.

We also encourage people to think about their own funeral before the event and are happy to draw up some directions for the funeral service with you.

Use the 'Contact Us' section of the website to make an inquiry - or get your Funeral Director to give us a call.

two weddings rings at Surfers Paradise Anglican Church


We love to help couples out as they prepare to exchange some very major and life-long promises.

Weddings can take place in one of our churches or in an appropriate place of your choosing.  As ministers of the Anglican Church of Australia we only use an authorised Anglican form of wedding service.

Australian law requires that we, as marriage celebrants, complete certain documents somewhere between 18 months and 1 month prior to the date of the wedding.  But we want to talk to you about more than just government documents.

We want to talk to you about the promises you make to each other and to God.  We also want to make sure, as much as we can, that your marriage is 'till you ar separated by death'. So use the 'Contact Us' section of the website and we would be privileged to meet with you.

Surfers Anglican Church baptisms icon. Surfers Anglican can baptize your child


Baptism is a profession of faith in Jesus.  We are overjoyed at any opportunity to baptise adults or children, but we do take preparation for baptism seriously.  We will require attendance at a series of church services and a series of discussion groups prior to the baptism.  Please 'Contact Us' and we will speak to you more about this.