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Surfers Anglican

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Our Services:

If you would like to come to our church, you are very welcome. Our services are each Sunday @ 7.30am and 9.30am & each Wednesday @ 10am.

The 7:30am service on Sunday morning is a TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN SERVICE, which includes procession with Crucifer, older Christian hymns and the Priest wears full robes.

The 9:30am service on Sunday morning is a more CONTEMPORARY ANGLICAN SERVICE, which includes more modern Christian songs and the Priest wears Alb and Stole.

Full sermons, usually Expository, are preached each Sunday and follow the assigned Anglican lectionary for readings.

The 10am service on Wednesday mornings are a more CONTEMPORARY ANGLICAN SERVICE, which includes Bible readings, intercessory prayers and a homily rather than a full sermon.  There are no songs at this service and it is conducted in the chapel rather than the full church.

There is tea and coffee (and usually a biscuit or cake) available in the church hall after each service where people gather in groups to socialise.


We also broadcast some of our services online, which you can watch here:


Info for first timers:

We consider ourselves to be a welcoming community but please understand that many of our parishioners have been meeting together for many years and it is only after services that they are able to catch up with one another, so don’t feel excluded when they chat.  When you first attend our Sunday morning service you will be greeted in the foyer by a ‘Welcomer’.  This person has the task of ensuring you are comfortable with your attendance, can answer most questions you might have, and will help you find a seat.  They will also offer you a ‘Surf Report’, which tells you a little about the Bible verses for the day and a little about our community each week.  They will also ask for your name and will help you when the Priest asks if there is anyone new – when this happens, the Priest will usually ask your name, where you’re from, and if you’re visiting from afar (or looking to make this your new Spiritual community).  Please see this as a fun, pleasant experience rather than an inquisition about you.