New Alpha

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6.30pm. Finger food, coffee & cake

7.00 Video and discussion on evening's subject

8.30 Finish

During the progress of this course, you will examine the evidence for the ‘claims’ of Christianity.  Come – join the ‘Jury’Evaluate without ‘bias’ arrive at YOUR decision.
4 weeks of evidence for consideration – factual, circumstantial, and eyewitness testimony.

Alpha is a non-Denominational international course presenting the evidence in support of the claims of Christianity for you to consider and evaluate – to assist you in making an informed decision.

The central figure of Christianity is a Man named JESUS.

This “man” who walked the earth over 2000 years ago has excited controversy, comment, and criticism from many sources and in many ways.

This man, who would not go away, spoke on how to get the most from life and love. He also claimed to be GOD, a claim that has been the subject of discussion and controversy ever since... Was He?

As we learn together, we form friendships. From friendship grows trust and recognition, so although we may not agree about some things, we can accept and respect one another.

Come along.  Bring an OPEN mind and a kind smile. Discuss your opinions with each other – exchange ideas – explore new thoughts together with new friends. No Experts – no Bias – not a platform for making a point.

Do not allow the security of the known and the predictable to hold you back.